New Drive Angry 3D Trailer


This is the Angriest Driving EVER.

So what’s the Deal?

But it won’t be as good as FASTER. And Drive Angry 3D is essentially the same film, but you switch Nic Cage and the Rock.

So my question is, who would win in a fight? The Rock, or the dude who starred in The Rock?

Do you think if they met, Cage would say, “I was in The Rock,” and then the Rock would say, “No, he hasn’t! He’s just kidding. I didn’t do anything wrong! It isn’t gay if you don’t push back.”

And then we’d all know that the Rock had gay sex with Nic Cage, but that he isn’t gay, cause he didn’t push back. (but he may have secretly enjoyed it. This we would know because of the twinkle in his eye and the bulge in his… pants. (I mean he’s got a bit of a chubby thinking about Nic Cage’s package))

I wonder if the Rock would kick my ass? I know he could, but I wonder if he would.

Driver Angry 3D Trailer

So here’s the trailer:

And Check out all the other info we have available for Drive Angry 3D here.

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  1. I used to be a huge Nic Cage fan. But I’ve watched his career digress further and further, with worse and worse roles. This one, I fear, takes the cake. It’s gotten to the point where I avoid a film because he’s in it. A night at the movies costs too much money to spend it on films like this.

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