Mysteries of Lisben (2011)


Mysteries of Lisben takes place in Portugal, France, Italy and Brazil. The film follows a jealous countess (good at math), a weathly businessman (even better at math), and an orphaned boy (not good at math).

As far as I can tell from the trailer and the minor amount of info from summaries, Mysteries of Lisben is about a countess whose son is cast out because he isn’t the child of her husband, and there’s a lot of passion, old-timey guns, and lace dresses.

And math. Definitely math.

Mysteries of Lisben

Raul Ruiz is directing, and the film is based on the book by Camilo Castelo Branco. It’s won a bunch of international awards, which mean nothing to us Americans, since we know better anyways, especially more than Canada, but the trailer sure is pretty.

Mysteries of Lisben Trailer

Mysteries of Lisben Release Date

June 17, 2011. So it already came out… Damn.


Who’s In It?

Adriano Luz … Padre Dinis & Sabino Cabra & Sebastião de Melo
  Maria João Bastos … Ângela de Lima
  Ricardo Pereira … Alberto de Magalhães & Come-Facas
  Clotilde Hesme … Elisa de Montfort
  José Afonso Pimentel … Pedro da Silva Adulto
  João Arrais … Pedro da Silva Criança
  Albano Jerónimo … Conde de Santa Bárbara
  João Baptista … D. Pedro da Silva
  Martin Loizillon … Padre Dinis Jovem
  Julien Alluguette … Benoit
  Rui Morrison … Marquês de Montezelos
  Joana de Verona … Eugénia
  Carloto Cotta … D. Álvaro de Albuquerque
  Maria João Pinho … Condessa de Vizo
  José Manuel Mendes … Frei Baltazar da Encarnação

What’s Good About It?

Mysteries of Lisben has already won awards and it has a nice looking trailer. I guess it won a Portugese Golden Globe. Huh.

What’s Bad About It?

Mysteries of Lisben combines foreign with a period piece. Boring.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t think it’ll make a huge spash at the box office, but then it’s a movie, and movies can’t swim, so why would it splash? Why do people say that? You shut your mouth when I’m talking to myself.


  1. Man, it is Lisbon, not Lisben. There is no Lisben in Portugal. Believe me, I’m Portuguese.

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