My Soul to Take (2010)


16 years ago, a serial killer threatened to return to kill seven people who were born on the day he died. Now, people are disappearing. I’m sure they’ll be fine. It’s not like this is a Wes Craven film… Oh.

Wes Craven’s latest film is My Soul to Take, which centers around a group of 16 year olds who have to try to survive the possibly supernatural threat against their lives. The main character, Bug, may be the son of the serial killer, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’s killing them. But in a dream. Judge’s always buy that excuse.


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The Scoop

It’s been five years since Wes Craven’s last film, and that was Red Eye, with the lovely Rachel McAdams (who has yet to return any of my calls or letters) so he may just have a bit of ring rust. That said, this is Wes Craven. The man knows how to make a horror film centered around teenagers. And he’s not only directing, but he also wrote the film.

Who’s It For?


Movie Release Date

October 29, 2010.

Who’s In It?

ax Thieriot … Bug
Frank Grillo … Det. Frank Paterson
Denzel Whitaker … Jerome King
Zena Grey … Penelope Bryte
Jessica Hecht … May
Nick Lashaway … Brandon O’Neal
Hannah Hodson … Girl #1
Emily Meade … Fang
Dennis Boutsikaris … Principal Pratt
Trevor St. John … Bobby Lake

Interesting Fact

Star Max Thieriot played the younger version of Hayden Christenson’s character in Jumper. Come on! At least give me the younger version of Anakin Skywalker.

Related Movies

Nightmare on Elm Street, The Hills Have Eyes, Scream

What’s Good About It?

It’s a Wes Craven is directing a horror film centered on teenagers dieing. Maybe we should just give him a mint and tell him to let me have a decent night’s sleep. He’s good at this.

What’s Bad About It?

Even though he’s created some classics, Craven hasn’t had a film in a while, and this does seem to be a bit by the numbers. Still, horror is usually light on story, big on scares, so I’m not that worried.

Our Clever Prediction

The film releases two days before Halloween, and I think Saw has had it. This’ll do some big numbers, at least the first weekend.

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