Our Idiot Brother (2011)


Our Idiot Brother is an idealist, hounded by his overbearing mother, crashes into the homes of his three ambitious sisters and brings truth, happiness and a sunny disposition while also wreaking havoc.

Well, that’s who he is in the movie. In real life, my idiot brother is just a jackass. It’s really more a jackass brother. But that’s my life.

Paul Rudd plays the idiot brother, and he looks suspiciously like Jason Lee in Almost Famous.

But I digress. The film looks okay. Hippy brother shows his sisters the meaning of life or something. I can dig it.

Our Idiot Brother

The film is directed by Jesse Peretz, so be very happy, he last directed Zach Braff in The Ex. Man, wasn’t that film FUNNY? So funny. Like, crazy funny. Fun for the whole family.

It wasn’t that funny. So this is a big shot for him. He’s worked with Paul Rudd before, in The Chateau, but that was back in 2001, and Rudd has come into his own as a leading man since then. Who knows? This might not suck.



Our Idiot Brother DVD Release Date

November 29, 2011

Who’s In It?

 Zooey Deschanel,  Paul Rudd,  Elizabeth Banks

What’s Good About It?

Paul Rudd is usually pretty solid, and Elizabeth Banks is gorgeous.

What’s Bad About It?

Another film about a hippy who teaches people about how to live a good life? I wouldn’t mind if they would just credit the Bible with the story, but they never do.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m thinking midlevel numbers for My Idiot Brother. It doesn’t exactly look great, but it doesn’t look terrible either.

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