Mr. Popper’s Penguins Movie Preview and Trailer


Mr. Popper’s Penguins stars Jim Carrey, in this comedy coming late summer of 2011. The movie is based on the novel, and looks like what you’d expect from a Jim Carrey movie. Funny faces, ridiculous situations and a little ‘alllll righty then’ thrown in for good measure. Old Jim is really trying to recover for his recent string of terrible movies, not sure how this one is going to lift him out of the dumps.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Mr. Popper’s Penguins was a novel, a children’s book, written back in 1938. Most of you wouldn’t know that, because you don’t read to your kids, you put a TV in their room so you don’t have to put in too big an effort on a nightly basis.

In the novel, Mr.Popper inherits 12 Penguins, so the writers figured we couldn’t handle that sort of craziness and cut it down to 6 Penguins. Then again, you have to realize that the guy responsible for making this a movie from the novel is Sean Anders, the putz who wrote Hot Tub Time Machine… so … that explains a little bit.

The story goes like this : The life of a Mr. Popper begins to change after he inherits six penguins, and has to transform his apartment into a winter wonderland. As a result of his newly inherited family his professional side starts to unravel, as life takes a few unusual twists.

Funny right? Jim Carrey thrown into a really unusual unexpected, life altering situation is really a twist! Notice my sarcasm there? This happens to Jim in almost all his movies, so Mr Popper’s Penguins really isn’t going to be much of a stretch for him.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins Trailer

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Fun Fact

Jim Carrey’s last comedy, I Love You Phillip Morris , lost around 20 million dollars in the U.S alone.

Movie Release Date

Mr. Popper’s Penguins hits theaters August 12th 2011.

Who’s In It?

Jim Carrey, Carla Cugino, Madeline Carroll

What’s Good About It?

It was a wonderful children’s novel, perhaps a little out of date for today’s kids, but a wonderful message is hidden here.

What’s Bad About It?

Nothing negative to add here, but I hope they don’t make a mockery out of Mr. Popper’s Penguins.

Our Clever Prediction

Hey if Horton Hears a Who! can do 155 million at the box office, Mr Popper’s Penguins should do 40 million like nothing.


  1. Sexy: hey doosher your reviews suck XXXX. And Jim Carey’s is an american citizen now because Canada is full of XXX XXXXXX like you.    

    1. This isn’t a review, it is a preview. You can’t review a movie that doesn’t come out till next year, but I don’t expect you to understand this.

    2. We gave Carey to you, hoping he would never come back.

    3. I agree my ‘previews’ do suck.

  2. hey doosher your reviews suck XXXX. And Jim Carey’s is an american citizen now because Canada is full of XXX XXXXXX like you.

  3. I Love You Phillip Morris came out in March in the UK and according to IMDB grossed £2,298,494 with a $13,000,000 budget. My currency conversion isn’t great but I’m guessing that aint good. The problem is that this movie was marketed as a screwball comedy but is actually quite a sad story with some funny moments. I actually really liked it so don’t write it off just yet!

  4. How could “I Love You Philip Morris ” lose 20 million is the US when it just came out last friday Dec. 3 & has just started to open in more theatres ?

    Get your facts straight & do your research.
    Thanks !

    • It opened with 112k dollar gross, it is only showing in a couple hundred theaters and the reviews are terrible. The losses are actually projected to be higher than 20 million. Facts? Do you have any?

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