Madagascar 2 Review

Madagascar 2 Review and rating, as watched through the eyes of an adult, a father and two kids.

The Scoop

In the highly-anticipated sequel to “Madagascar,” Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, King Julien, Maurice and the penguins and the chimps find themselves back home in Africa, only to meet up with long lost family and friends.

The Truth

Escape 2 Africa is more of the same, with a little more emphasis on the life of Alex the lion and his history. The original cast of characters is all here, the laughs are pretty witty and mature at times, my kids looked lost at the one-liners and subject matter as was I for that matter.

The penguins were the surprise hit of the movie, and are worthy of their own spin-off. Wonderful dialoge, witty undertones and a likable ensemble of memorable moments. If you ask me, they steal the entire show.

The Action

The action is pretty solid, the film moves along pretty well. There’s a lot more dialoge in this animation than the first one.

The Animation

You won’t be confusing Madagascar 2 with Ratatouille any time soon. While the visuals are impressive, the big screen does it no justice. The movie will best be served on a HDTV and a Blueray player.

The Old Lady

The old lady from the first film makes an appearance over and over again, beating the animals senseless for some reason. It really just felt like filler, I never got the impression anyone in the the audience enjoyed her character in the film either. I never heard any kids laughing, it was just dull. She gave me a headache, her character was disappointing.

The Message

There’s a message in this film somewhere, I’m confused as to what it is. Part of me says the film shouts “There’s no place like home” others said the message was “Family First”. I was left wondering if the movie was suggesting animals in captivity is cruel and wrong. Why else would they celebrate their release into Africa so openly?

Who really knows, maybe I shouldn’t even care, but my kids asked me if I knew what the movie was really trying to say and I couldn’t honestly answer them. Maybe I read too much into movies and I should just let it go, but I have no idea what the clear message of the film was.

The Verdict

I rarely goto the movies anymore, I really dislike the whole experience. However, when its a movie for the kids I happily go along just to see them smile and take in all the environment the theater has to offer. You know, the sticky floors, the horrible smells of the homeless around you, the popcorn that stinks like Grandpas distinct fart.

Madagascar 2 is a decent animation, suitable for kids 5 and up. There’s a fair amount of violence for a movie aimed a young kids, it was rather irritating at times.

5 and up? Lots of guns firing, hitting and content you may not want your kids 4 and under to endure. I just found it a little too much for the really young kids, so I think its safe to say 5 and up is a little more suited to Madagascar 2.

Madagascar 2 is a fairly fun journey with a more mature undertone than the previous film, but it still works. Your kids will probably enjoy it, and its pretty entertaining for the adults to sit through as well. We noticed a lot of kids enjoying it, although the laughs were nothing as compared to Kung Fu Panda or Toy Story2.


  1. sarah

    May 6, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    I find the comment about grandpa very affencive and i did not get that parragraph at all but it could have been better

    sorry:( :)

    • admin

      May 6, 2010 at 10:46 pm

      The grandmotherly character was annoying, violent and ‘in our face’ far too often for my liking. The film could have done without her, because she ruined it for the younger audience.

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