Movie news for The Rum Diary, Joyful Noise, and Resident Evil

Today we have posters for Jack and Jill and The Rum Diary, a trailer for Joyful Noise, and casting news for Resident Evil.

Jack and Jill

Holy crap. I keep forgetting about Jack and Jill. This movie looks terrible. You’re stupid if you disagree. Here’s poster. Get mad.

The Rum Diary

The Rum Diary, unlike Jack and Jill, looks pretty funny, and I want to see it. I feel like this scene greeted Hunter S. Thompson on many occasions.

Joyful Noise

Um… Joyful Noise has a trailer. There’s a lot of sass, both from Queen Latifah and… Dolly Parton? What? Ugh, well, enjoy the trailer I guess.

Resident Evil

This is kinda cool, although it makes me curious. It appears that Michelle Rodriguez will be reprising her role as Rain, from the original Resident Evil. But she died in that one. So… I suppose it doesn’t really matter, since this is a Resident Evil film and logic need not apply. I like her though. Tough chicks. I dig ’em.

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