Tuesday , 24 January 2017
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Movie news for Spider-Man, Total Recall and The Dark Knight Rises

New Total Recall posters, possible Spider-Man/Venom news as well as new video from The Amazing Spider-man and a new Dark Knight Rises TV Spot!

Total Recall

Total Recall is ramping up their promotion, and there are some new posters that showcase the main macguffin in the film, which is that there’s a company that can give you a fake vacation where they implant the vacation in your head as if it happened. But then one dude asked for a memory of being a spy, but he’s really a spy who got the memory of being a normal dude. Whatevs.

If you go to the site listed in the posters and put in your phone number they’ll tell you about your vacation. Kinda cool. I did it and it said I was a sweet ninja with super powers and I banged Jessica Biel last week while your mom watched.

That’s totally different from what actually happened. In reality I was banging Jessica Biel’s clone. WAY DIFFERENT.

And better.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Well, it appears The Avengers is going to have quite an impact upon the comic book movie industry. There’s some rumors about Warner Brothers wanting to do their Justice League film after all, but now there’s word that the reboot of Spider-Man may also have some new ties to other films.

While Spider-Man is in the same comic book world as The Avengers, his film rights aren’t owned by Marvel anymore, so he can’t team up with Iron Man or Thor, but there has been talk of getting a Venom moving going. Venom is a villain in the Spider-Man world, but sometimes he plays the good guy as a sort of anti-hero. He’s part of what Sony owns, so he could have his own movie that ultimately leads into a film with Spider-Man.

The newest Spider-Man film is said to be taking a pretty realistic approach to the Spider-Man mythos, with ‘realistic’ science behind what goes on. Not sure what that means, but the producers want to do the same thing with the Venom film, which I take to mean they won’t be making the Venom symbiote an alien. In the Marvel Ultimate comics Venom is a science experiment aimed at making people stronger and more capable of fighting diseases, so essentially a cure for cancer, so maybe they’ll go this route. It’d be interesting for sure, though I think it’ll be a challenge to really make Venom look like Spidey if he hasn’t bonded with Peter Parker BEFORE bonding with Eddie Brock. I suppose they can just make Eddie fascinated with Spider-Man, and wrap the tale around his need to be like Spider-Man. I guess.

Anyways, there’s a chance if the Venom film gets made that it’ll be set in the same world as The Amazing Spider-Man, so while that film isn’t referencing Venom, a future film might bring the two characters together. Personally, since if they make a Venom film he’ll be set up as a hero of sorts I’d make their team up about Carnage, which is an offspring of Venom that bonds with a serial killer, causing a truly twisted and powerful psycho. Spider-Man and Venom could have a bit of a fight early on, but come to an uneasy alliance to take on Carnage as he rampages through New York. It’s a classic Spider-Man tale, and would tie together the story in a cool way.

And if it happens, I get to say I called it!

IN ADDITION there are a couple new The Amazing Spider-Man videos. The first is a collection of new TV Spots, which is handy and gives you quite a bit of footage, though most of it is repeated, and the second video is a featurette on the lovebirds of the film, Peter and Gwen. Aww…

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises has a new TV spot that focuses on the presale of tickets, so… that’s cool. I’m going to wait even though I’m really excited for the film, cause like I tell all the ladies, I can’t be tied down. Who’s to say where I’ll be tomorrow? I might be in Jamaica. It could happen.

Then… love making.