Movie news for Spider-Man, Battleship, Haywire and more!

New trailer and poster for Haywire, posters for Spider-man, Contagion and Battleship, promo artwork for The Avengers, and pics from Snow White and the Huntsman.


Haywire starts off promising enough, what with Channing Tatum getting beaten up by a girl. And, outside of Gina Carano, the cast is awesome. I’m genuinely looking forward to Haywire. Who’da thunk?


Steven Soderbergh’s other film, Contagion, has a new poster, and I like it. Approved by me. Good to go. Other stuff that means… yes.

The Avengers

Comic Con has brought some promotion artwork for The Avengers, and while these aren’t actual pics of the characters, they do give a nice idea of what the characters and their costumes should look like. Not bad.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman actually looks kinda cool. Except for Kristen Stewart, who used to be cool, but then she banged a glittery vampire. Lame.


Immortals has a new poster from Comics Con, and I keep trying to find Waldo, and… THERE HE IS!!! HAHA! Found him. I consider Waldo to be a modern God, like the Klondike Bear and people who fart north.

Toward Canada. Snapdragon.


The Amazing Spider-Man has a new poster, and it’s of Spidey’s back. Does it look like the Spider is pointing at his butt? Like, “Hey, Lizard, come put your tail in here?”

That’s what I see.


You sunk my poster! What? That’s the best I could come up with on short notice. Shut your ass. Anyways, here’s a poster for Battleship. Hip hip… hooray.

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