Saturday , 19 August 2017
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Movie news for Man of Steel, Skyfall, Step Up 4 & More!

A banner poster for Man of Steel, a trailer for House at the End of the Street, videoblogs from Skyfall, and because the people demanded it, there’s a new trailer/name for Step Up 4. It’s gonna be a Revolution, baby!

Man of Steel

Not to sound weird or anything, but Superman isn’t the only thing that’s made of steel now that this poster for Man of Steel has arrived.

That was a boner joke. But it’s cool, because it’s a nerd boner.

House and the End of the Street

I just wrote up my preview for House and the End of the Street on Monday, and wouldn’t you know it, today there’s a trailer. It’s all backwards too. And it really showcases one particularly fine part of star Jennifer Lawrence: her boobs. Seriously. This is almost as bad (well… good) as Jennifer Biel in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I’m loving it.


Skyfall‘s production is in full swing, as evidenced by these two new production videoblogs. They show off new Bond girls Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris. Wow. Berenice is insanely hot. Just… wow.

Step Up Revolution

I will give Step Up Revolution this: the new girl, Kathryn McCormick, is hotter than crap. That. Is. All. Holy shit. They are actually going to pretend that dancing can be a revolution.

It’s not like they’re doing the hokie pokie. Now THAT is a revolution. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

Yep. They bungie jump dance at the end. You’re welcome, Earth.