Thursday , 19 January 2017
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Movie news for Lockout, John Carter, Prometheus & More!

New trailers for Wanderlust and Prometheus, film clips from John Carter, and a poster for Lockout.


Wanderlust has a new red band trailer, and it’s pretty funny. Like the drug use, handjob references, and overall joy of seeing the likeableness of Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston on screen together. I just loves it!!! LOVES IT!!! Smiley face! 🙂

🙁 You aren’t smiling with me.

Wanderlust Redband Trailer – Watch More Funny Videos


Prometheus has a new trailer, and this movie just keeps looking better and better. Seriously, Prometheus is going to be something special. Holy cow. Just… watch it.

John Carter

John Carter has a few new film clips up today, and let’s see… we have John Carter figuring out where he is, Johnny boy playing a game with an alien dog, and John being called a girl’s name by a green man.

Best movie ever? Sorry. Wrong punctuation. BEST MOVIE EVER.


I’m actually really looking forward to Lockout, mainly because of the charming-looking performance by Guy Pearce and the hotness of Maggie Grace, but there’s also a sliver of me that would love to see a movie about a space prison with a jailbreak, and the president’s daughter is on board. How insane is this concept? Seriously.