Tuesday , 24 January 2017
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Movie news for Les Miserables, Iron Man 3, Brave & Jack Reacher!

A trailer for Les Miserables, a film clip for Brave, a Tom Cruise action film renaming, and an Iron Man 3 spy pic and further rumors on villains!

Les Miserables

Alright, I’ll give her credit, Anne Hathaway does a pretty darn good job singing one of the more famous songs from Les Miserables in the first trailer, and it looks sweet.

Also, I have a MONSTROUS erection over the idea of shaving her head. Huh.


Brave has a new film clip that follows main character Merida’s parents as they discuss what to do about their overly independent daughter. I get the impression the film is going to be primarily about Merida and her struggles with her mother. I know a lot of the press thus far has made it seem like it’s about Merida growing up, which I’m sure is accurate, but I think it’s going to be embodied in her mother, and I think there’s going to be growth on her mom’s part as she learns to let her hair down.

What a sweet run on sentence. You’re welcome, EARTH.

Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher is the name of Tom Cruise’s character in the upcoming adaptation of the novel One Shot, but using the name One Shot wasn’t good enough. We need to know who the star of this mofo is. We need to know that Tom Cruise is the 6 foot 5 inch, 250 pound tough guy cop. Cause that’s what I think when I see that midget.

Anyways, the film has been renamed Jack Reacher so we can all rest easy. I suggested “Mini Man” but they didn’t go for that. Not. Sure. Why.

Iron Man 3

There has been a LOT of speculation as to who the villain in Iron Man 3 will be. The Mandarin is the obvious choice, but there’s been quite a bit about the Extremis storyline from the comics, which didn’t involve The Mandarin. Well, we can say for sure that the Iron Patriot, or at least the Iron Patriot armor, will make an appearance. Check the spy pics below. Pretty cool.

In the comics the Iron Patriot wasn’t really an Iron Man villain, but rather an armor worn by Spider-Man’s greatest enemy Norman Osborn, and his son for a short stint. Not sure if it’ll be worn by a villain or if this is just an alternative suit for Iron Man, but I’m guessing it’ll be a villain. Cool.

But what about The Mandarin. Well, unconfirmed reports have it that Ben Kingsley really will be The Mandarin, but that he won’t be the main villain in the film, but rather someone playing on the sidelines, perhaps pulling strings, which sounds an awful lot like The Mandarin. It could be they’re setting up a villain for Iron Man 4, but I personally don’t think that’s the best idea. My reasoning here is that they’re likely to do another Avengers before then, and that would provide too much time for that villain to percolate. I think it’s more likely The Mandarin will emerge as the main villain toward the end of Iron Man 3, but he’ll be dealt with by the end of the film. That’s my guess, and I’m always right. You’re welcome.