Tuesday , 24 January 2017
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Movie news for GI Joe, The Dark Knight Rises, Total Recall & More!

A TV Spot for GI Joe 2, a film clip from Lockout, a picture from Total Recall, a trailer for Looper, release date change for Ender’s Game, rating for The Dark Knight Rises and casting for Iron Man 3!

GI Joe: Retaliation

GI Joe 2: Retaliation has a new international TV Spot, which makes the film look pretty darn cool. I think I’ve figured out why though, so I’m less excited about the film by the minute. They’re using a remixed version of The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army, which is a pretty badass song, and the remix is sorta MORE badass.

To test my theory I’ve rewatched this TV spot with the sound off. Yep, not as cool. WAIT! There’s The Rock. Still cool. Damn… Bruce Willis too. Cool. DAMN IT. I don’t want to see another GI Joe film, yet I’m going to. Because it looks cooler than crap.


I have the first five minutes of Lockout for you!!! After a handful of fun looking commercials, it’s nice to see that the film seems to be living up to the promise. This film is clearly going to be carried by the charismatic performance of Guy Pearce, and I think we might be seeing the beginning of the next stage of his career.

At least, I hope so. Seeing his charisma here shows how little of his potential Guy Pearce has realized thus far. Anyways, the first five minutes look really cool. Check it out!

Total Recall

A new picture from Total Recall is up today, and while it shows an action shot of Colin Farrell shooting… something, what’s more important is that it shows Jessica Biel. She hasn’t really been featured in much of the materials for the film yet, which is probably because she’s not much of actress, but even still, I’d like to see more of her standing there looking pretty. She and I have so much in common: we’re both hot girls, dated Justin Timberlake and fight crime at night while working during the day as an actress.

Wait, that isn’t right. I never dated Justin Timberlake.

total recall action shot

total recall action shot


Looper has its first teaser trailer, and it’s pretty cool. Okay, it isn’t really the teaser, but a teaser for the teaser, but it does show some footage, and what’s show looks cool. Check it out!

Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game, the science fiction film about a young boy named Ender who has to learn to be the leader mankind needs to stave off an alien invasion, has changed its release date from March 15, 2013 to November 1, 2013. I’m actually fine with this. It shows the studio isn’t rushing (I’m looking at YOU, X-Men: First Class!), and if it’s from March to early November it’s basically the same sorta environment for the film. It won’t be overshadowed, the expectations will be decent but not too high, and it should be okay.

The Dark Knight Rises

Not sure if this was ever in doubt, but The Dark Knight Rises has been officially given the rating of PG-13. Just like The Dark Knight before it and Batman Begins before that. So it’s consistent. I don’t normally bother with this stuff, but it’s about The Dark Knight Rises, and that makes me horny.

Iron Man 3

It appears Iron Man 3 may have found its villain in Ben Kingsley. What’s really interesting is that the villain in question is supposedly NOT the Mandarin, who was the likely candidate. Kingsley’s villain is said to have something to do with nanotechnology. I know enough about the comics to know this means there’s a chance they’ll do the Extremis storyline, which was really cool in the comic and turned up Iron Man’s abilities to another level by further bonding him to the suit. I’m excited.

But I still want the Mandarin.