Thursday , 17 August 2017
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Movie news for GI Joe 2 & Riddick!

New TV spots from GI Joe 2: Retribution and a pic from Riddick!

GI Joe 2: Retribution

GI Joe 2: Retribution has two new TV spots today, with the first doing a nice job of tricking us into believing that Channing Tatum is really a big star in the film, and the second just gives us a nice glimpse of the action of the film. I can honestly say I’ve never seen a film that is so interesting. At least in terms of having been scheduled for one released date, delayed nearly a year, then they more or less reuse their old TV spots. Fantastic.


Riddick has a new photo today of Riddick himself kicking some butt. And is that Dave Batista? This movie is going to be amazing! I feel that there’s definitely going to be one hell of a scene in the rain with the yellowish light, because a lot of the photos from the film thus far have teased that. Here’s hoping it doesn’t suck.