Movie News, Trailer, and Bears, oh my!


No bears were harmed to make this post.

Also, there are no bears in this post. It’s just a title. Stop being such a stickler.

New Trailer for Sucker Punch

I’m getting a much better feel for Sucker Punch now, and I have to say it looks pretty cool. Yeah, it’s Zach Snyder, so slo mo is going to happen, a lot, but it still looks cool. It gives me some hope for Superman.

127 Hours Pics

A few pics have come online recently, but don’t worry, it won’t take you 127 Hours to see them all.

More Scarlett Johansson News!!!

So, remember how earlier I said that Scarjo would be playing a sexy alien? Read. Okay, so now the film has a title. Wait for it. Still wait. Read another sentence. After this one. Am I getting under your skin? That’s intentional (this time), as the film will be titled Under the Skin.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

With David O. Russell doing an adaptation of Uncharted, there has been a big whole in my life where Zombies are concerned. Then The Walking Dead premiered on Sunday and it was the greatest moment of my life. THE GREATEST. Seriously, if you’re not watching it, we can’t be friends. And you’re a douche.

Anyways, now that Russell is out as director for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and apparently Natalie Portman is no longer interested in starring in the film, the studios are looking for a new man for the job, and two current contenders are Neil Marshall, who made Centurion, which looked okay, but then came out in August, and I never saw it or heard about it, and I write about this stuff, so you know that’s bad, and the other possible director is Mike White, who has little directing experience, but wrote School of Rock, Nacho Libre, The Good Girl, and a few episodes of Dawson’s Creek.

It’s amazing that my pick is for the guy who wrote for Dawson’s Creek. One thing that’s really interesting is that these two options for director show that the studio could go in vastly different directions. The nature of the film has to be comedic, but I could see Marshall making it more of a horror film with comedic elements, whereas White would make it more of a comedy with horror elements.

Oh, and I looked up Centurion, it appears it made about $122,000 in the US. TOTAL. What a success! Between that and Jonah Hex, Michael Fassbender has had a HELL of a summer. Luckily he’s playing Magneto next summer. Boy, I hope he streak keeps going!


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