Movie news for X-Men, Men in Black, Cosmopolis, Total Recall and more!


A couple film clips and pics for X-Men, another new trailer for The Muppets, three join Total Recall, and some pics from Men in Black 3 and Cosmopolis.

X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class has three new film clips, and they’re all awesome. Also, there are a few new pics online, and I bet you can tell which one makes me happiest. If you guessed the one with Magneto and a gun, you were wrong and deserve to sit in the time out chair. Oh, and the clips aren’t embeddable, so you have to go here, here, and here to see them.

The Muppets

I guess the other trailer wasn’t good enough because there’s a second Muppets trailer online today. What’s up with that?

Total Recall

Total Recall has added a few to the cast. First, and it’s not surprise, is Kate Beckinsale. She’s director Len Wiseman’s wife, so I’d figured she’d be in it. But Bill Nighy, who was in Underworld (also directed by Wiseman), John Cho and Jessica Biel have also joined the cast. I hope they show Biel and Beckinsale’s boobies. Rubbing together.

Men in Black 3

Men in Black 3 has a few new pics, and the one with a dude in really heavy clothes and a hat confuses me. Other crew members in the background are wearing t-shirts. Why is he so cold?


David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis has it’s first pic online, and it looks AMAZING. Actually, it doesn’t, but it doesn’t look bad either. So there you go.