Movie news for Twilight, Muppets, Avengers, Shame & Ender!


A film clip from Twilight, posters for The Muppets and The Avengers, a new trailer for Shame, and casting rumors for Ender’s Game.

Twilight: Broken Promises Part One

I have so much rage. Where can I place it? Canada? Yeah, but that’s sorta old (NOT) so I’ll go with Twilight. Why are these stupid glittery vampires fighting werewolves WITHOUT silver?

Or do these vamps not like silver too? I can never remember. I know they don’t like being awesome. Anyways, here’s a film clip from Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One.

The Muppets

Hey! The Muppets are doing more parodies! I never thought that would happen. Stupid.

Even more Twilight crap in the same post. Shame on me.

The Avengers

I don’t hate these Avengers posters, but Cap still looks bad. Too bright and shining. I want a dirtier, grittier cap. They’re lucky I trust Joss Whedon.


Shame has a new trailer, and it doesn’t shy away from the whole “NC-17” rating, as it’s pretty darn prominent at the beginning. Then there’s lots of boning, and ‘shame’-ful expressions. Shameful.

Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game is coming to the big screen, probably in March of 2013, and the star of Hugo, Asa Butterfield, may be tapped to play Ender Wiggin. I don’t mind this. I really enjoyed the book, and it’s tough to cast a kid to play such an intelligent and charismatic character, but if Butterfield is good enough for Martin Scorsese, he might not be half bad. I approve. You may proceed, movie people.