Movie News for Tron, Jane Eyre, A Haunting, and Escape from New York!


Genuinely NEW news. I promise I won’t post something from a few days ago and pretend it’s news cause I don’t read my own site!

This comment made for Canadians only.

Tron Trailer

Another Tron: Legacy trailer has come online, this would be the third so far. Fourth if you count the VFX teaser. The movie doesn’t come out for a more than a month. I feel like I’ll end up knowing the whole story before it comes out. Still, it looks cool, and gives a few more details that we haven’t see before, as well as some cool looking CGI.

Escape from New York

More like Escape from the Hurt Locker. On a fun side note, I’m a big bully who goes to junior high and shoves 12 year olds into lockers. Now THAT is a ‘hurt’ locker. Snap.

Anyways, The Hurt Locker’s star, Jeremy Renner, who is being cast for essentially everything these days, is in talks to take over for Kurt Russell in a remake of Escape from New York. I don’t mind there being another film in the ‘Escape’ series, but this is Russell’s role. It’s iconic. No one but Harrison Ford can be Indiana Jones. No one but Johnny Depp can be Jack Sparrow. No one but Lindsay Lohan can be the chick from Herbie: Fully Loaded.

They’re already making another ‘The Thing’ film. Why make someone else Snake? The role was so iconic that the Metal Gear Solid Series is based on him. Why not make a new Die Hard without Bruce Willis?

A Haunting in Georgia

Apparently, A Haunting in Connecticut was a big enough hit to warrant a “Sequel.” This is actually pretty interesting. It appears that the films won’t really have anything to do with one another, besides both being based on supposed ‘true’ stories. A Haunting in Connecticut made over $50 million on a budget less than half that, so it is a profitable series and this kinda makes sense. Still…

As far as the cast goes, Chad Michael Murray, from One Tree Hill, will play the lead character, a blue collar father whose wife, played by Abigail Spencer, has horrible visions. Her sister, played by Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck (I know it’s Katie Sackoff, but she’ll always be Starbuck to me), will also have the visions, and they may also have been passed down to Spencer’s daughter.

This is a pretty big shot for Murray, who left One Tree Hill a while back and has essentially not worked since. I even read he may make a return to the show (not that I watch anything like One Tree Hill… uh… no homo).

Jane Eyre

There’s a poster up for next March’s adaptation of Jane Eyre, set to star Alice in Wonderland’s Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender, who will also play Magneto next year. It’s a pretty arty looking poster, but then this is Jane Eyre. Too bad it isn’t directed by Michael Bay. It’d totally be blowing up in yo’ face.


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