Movie news for the new Conan The Barbarian movie


Today’s movie news features some film gossip on the new Conan the Barbarian movie, coming in 2011. New cast, and technology news about this upcoming Conan remake, plus a couple pictures.

Conan the Barbarian

The new Conan movie has some news, I’m not sure what to make of it. First, and I apologize in advance, Conan the Barbarian is in 3D. Yes, sorry to break it to you, but its following the trend of ‘make it in 3D and you’ll make billions’ everyone is doing.

New Conan Update Here , and Here is Our official Coverage.

Also, the new Conan movie is now an August 19th release, and that is official now. Also I have seen a lot of the screen-caps from the production photos, and there is quite a bit of nudity in Conan 2011, mostly topless girls.

I’m not sold on Jason Momoa as Conan yet, he’s a decent actor but we have this image in our head of The Barbarian being a ‘bigger than life’ character, he’s always been portrayed this way.

However, Mamoa is still a good size and I think he’ll do a good job as the new Conan.

Cast Update

I wanted to clarify the cast for for the new Conan movie as well, since the final changes are done, here is the official cast :

Ron Perlman … Corin
Rachel Nichols … Tamara
Jason Momoa … Conan
Rose McGowan … Marique
Stephen Lang … Khalar Zym
Saïd Taghmaoui
Bob Sapp … Ukafa
Leo Howard … Young Conan
Katarzyna Wolejnio … Valeria
Nonso Anozie … Artus
Bashar Rahal … Quarter Master

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  1. I saw in the background when the bad guy talking with his daughter in there palace regarding her take her mother place, there is a jar has a calligraphy of the name of Allah in Arabic , on that jar why is that?.

  2. I totally 100% agree with you! We don’t need to see that crap for it to be a good movie! Honestly I won’t even be wasting $1 from RedBox to see this movie if it’s full of nudity.

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