Movie news for The Hobbit, Superman, Captain America, and more!


Sorry about no news yesterday, my Internet was down. I suspect a Canadian plot to ruin one of the wonderful lights in the universe. Me. Lots of stuff today.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger has a new full trailer, and I have to admit it’s a million times better than the others. It also only halfway decent. So it all evens out.

Killer Elite

Killer Elite also has a trailer, and can I say it’s totally surprising? I can. But I won’t. Watch Statham totally STATHAM IT UP. With Elitism. Also, are they serious with the “Here I am, Rock you Like A Hurricane?” I don’t know if that’s the name of the song, but it doesn’t exactly reek of badassness. At least Cap had Tool.

Django Unchained

It was rumored a while back that Will Smith would be the lead in Django Unchained, but word today is that Jamie Foxx is in talks. I have to say, he needs it. Sorta surprising. He was such a hot commodity a few years back, and I feel like I haven’t seen him do anything outside of some small cameo roles in films lately. Good for you, Jamie.

We’re on a first name basis. He sometimes even just calls me ‘Bri.’

One Day

One Day I will give a crap. Not today. Enjoy this new trailer for One Day.

The Hobbit

Holy COW, there are pics from The Hobbit. I don’t know what to say!

Man of Steel

Man of Steel, the next Superman film, has reportedly cast Julie Ormond as Lara, Superman’s biological mother. She’ll be married to Russell Crowe, who’s playing Jor-El. Not bad. Two hot mommas now, with Diane Lane playing Ma Kent. Yowza.

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