Movie news for Spider-Man, the Avengers, This is Forty & More!

Spider Man Pic
Spider Man Pic

Trailers for This is Forty and Piranha 3DD, pics from The Avengers, Spider-Man and The Expendables 2, and possible casting for Winter’s Tale.

This is Forty

Paul Rudd is a moron in this trailer for This is Forty. He wants payback from his wife because he saw her give birth to their children. And he wants her to look at his taint.

I would’ve asked for anal.

TO GIVE. Not receive. Just to be clear on that.

Otherwise, This is Forty looks pretty good. Funny, heartfelt, boner jokes. Yep. That’s everything on my checklist.

Piranha 3DD

The world’s hottest water park? When piranha show up, leave the park. Piranha 3DD, I’ve solved your mystery.

The Avengers

These pictures for The Avengers are absolutely wretched. It looks so fake. Especially the shot of the Hulk. He looks way better in the trailers. This is crap. STOP BEING CRAP. I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO YOU.
[nggallery id=avengersapril27]

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man has a new poster and photo, and they’re pretty cool. I kinda feel like they’re trying to make New York City look futuristic, which is okay, but Spider-Man having a slash on his chest is sorta badass.

Same thing happens to me at strip clubs. Don’t ask.

Spider Man Pic
Spider Man Pic
amazingspiderman april 27
Spider Man Poster

The Expendables 2

The Expendables 2 has a new photo of some of the cast in WWII-era Germany.

Right? That’s what it looks like. Except for the Asian broad.

Expendables in Paris
Expendables in Paris

Winter’s Tale

Winter’s Tale must be one heck of a story, because not only are Russell Crowe and Will Smith willing to take supporting roles, but Colin Farrell is up for the lead. Sweet cast.

This isn’t set in stone yet though, because Farrell is apparently looking for a big paycheck, and the film may not have the budget to accommodate this.

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