Movie news for Snow White, The Darkest Hour & More!


Casting for Seven Psychopaths, posters for Snow White & The Huntsman, The Darkest Hour and Beauty and the Beast 3D, new trailers for Red Tails and Lorax, and a film clip from Immortals.

Seven Psychopaths

Martin McDonagh’s Seven Psychopaths has cast Woody Harrelson, Tom Waits and Olga Kurylenko for currently unspecified parts. No doubt it’ll be awesome. McDonagh’s In Bruges was cool, and this type of solid, but not really big name casting fills me with hope. Also, I’m gassy. I wonder if this news did that, or the tacos?


Snow White and the Huntsman

So for this Snow White and the Huntsman poster we have a dark haired Thor, Bella finally stabbing stuff, and that chick from Monster holding a knife just like Bella. Oooo. Maybe the evil queen is an older version of Snow White, but she traveled to the past to… kill herself? No. That’s just stupid.

Here we go. The younger version traveled to the future to kill her future self. Cause… she becomes mean.

I still feel there’s symbolism in them all holding weapons in their left hands. Only weirdos are southpaws.

The Darkest Hour

What if I don’t wanna survive the holidays? Huh? Answer THAT, The Darkest Hour poster!

Beauty and the Beast 3D

As Disney is really good at making money, they’re rereleasing Beauty and the Beast. In… 3D!!! And here’s a poster.

Red Tails

Red Tails has a new trailer, and it looks like the other trailers, meaning uninspired, but pretty.

Dr. Seuss’ Lorax

Dr. Seuss’ Lorax also has a new trailer, and while I have little interest in the film, it does look really pretty. Like a butterfly. You can try to eat them, but they’re better for looking at.


Holy crap, this Immortals clip is brutal. If you’re a child, don’t watch this.

Sorry, I was just trying to ensure that every child on earth watches this film clip from Immortals.

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