Movie News for November 3, 2010


Not a ton of news so far today, I’ll probably have another news post later.


The King’s Speech Poster

I’m going to let you guess what this piece of news is about. Did you say, “Lady Prostitutes forming a rock and roll band for the ages?”

Why did you say that? What does that have to do with ANYTHING?

No. No lady prostitute rock band. For the ages.
Rather, there’s a poster for The King’s Speech. I have to admit I love the poster’s tag line. ‘When God couldn’t save the King, The Queen turned to someone who could.’

Because Geoffrey Rush is better than GOD. Note: God couldn’t come up with quirky speech therapy techniques. ‘God, are you listening? It’s okay, you needn’t feel bad about yourself. You’re not a failure. You’re just not a success. We still love you. PS, please smite the Canadians. Amen/sincerely, Brian’

I think the PS should have been after the amen/sincerely.

Spy Kids spy photos

Well, not so much ‘spy’ photos, as they’re paparazzi photos of Jessica Alba in a black leather getup like the one Scarlett Johansson wore in Iron Man 2. Me likey. I found the photos on WWTTD. He’s awesome. The photos are from the set of the new Spy Kids movie.

Scarlett Johansson Still Acting

So Scarjo, as I call her, has been cast in Sexy Beast director Jonathan Glazer’s next film, about an alien who takes on a sexy form to seduce men and (presumably) kill them to feast on their soul. Okay, I don’t know if she kills them or feasts on anything (please don’t be their wieners) but it sounds like a good idea. I wouldn’t let her feast on my soul, so long as she lets me play wit her boobies!