Movie news for Lorax, Avengers, Superman & Prometheus


A TV Spot for Lorax, some boring Avengers pics and almost news about the villain, some Superman casting news and a pic, and a Prometheus poster.

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax has a new TV spot, and I hardly remembered the trailer, or the film for that matter, until last Friday when I went to see Underworld: Awakening (horribly, btw, and I liked the first 2 films in the series) and the little clip before the film to remind everyone to shut off their phones (I was the only person in the theater, there was an insane blizzard and I couldn’t even get on the highway so I went to a movie and waited for traffic to die down, so I just texted throughout the film. Anyways, Danny Devito’s sexy voice brought me out of an intense game of Tetris, and I looked up and heard his voice come out of the Lorax. He was telling me to turn off my phone. It didn’t work, but when I saw this new TV Spot for The Lorax film, I was reminded of my snowy adventure.

The video is fine, if a little boring. The main thing that Lorax has going for it is Danny Devito. I’m a big fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Devito has had a successful career in Hollywood for something besides his looks, so you know it’s comedic timing and talent. I’d almost see this. Almost.

The Avengers

The Avengers is starting promotional tie-ins as the film comes closer to its release. Most likely, though this is not confirmed yet, the film will have a SuperBowl TV Spot. It also has these red envelopes, which are being distributed in Asia. I don’t fully get the envelope thing, but I guess they’re being distributed in conjunction with the Chinese New Year.

How hilarious is it that pictures of Captain America are being distributed to Chinese people for their new year? On New Years here no one gave me a picture of Jackie Chan.

Then again, I’m not very cool. The cool kids probably got pictures of Mr. Chan. DANG.

One other bit of Avengers news today is that Kevin Feige, a bigwig at Marvel Studios, gave an interview where he was pretty adamant about the villain in the film NOT being the Skrulls, as once thought. And by “Once Thought” I mean that I still think it and NOTHING is going to change my mind. Except for cookies. I can be bought, and my price is delicious. Feige did sorta admit that it’s an alien race of sorts, and it may have to do with the Nine Realms, which is part of Thor’s Mythology, as Earth is one of the realms, and Asgard another, etc. So it could be something from there. I’m guessing it’ll be some sort of amalgamation of various alien races concocted by Joss Whedon, though he’s pretty respectful of the source material and may not be willing to widely alter anything.

I’ve racked my brain, and I have a fair bit of comic book info locked away, and I don’t really know who they might be using. The Skrulls or the Kree would be the most obvious choice. Probably something along the lines of what they did in The Ultimates Vol. 1, where it was essentially the Skrulls, but with some minor alterations to fit the story. I don’t know. I’m mostly just guessing here.
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Man of Steel

Man of Steel has cast a young Lana Lang, which is interesting, as she was Clark Kent’s childhood love, before Lois entered the picture (fans of Smallville already know this). Jadin Gould will be playing Ms. Lang. No casting has been announced for an adult Lana, so this may be just a small role for the beginning of the film. We also have a new pic of Henry Cavill in his Superman costume, and he really has an awesome look for Superman. Tons of confidence, but an underlying feel of being a nice guy so he isn’t arrogant or cocky. Of course, the suit doesn’t have the red undies, so SCREW HIM.


Prometheus has a new poster, and it’s pretty sweet. Y’know, if you like big bald head sculptures.

And I do.

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