Movie News for Last Night, Little Fockers, and Resident Evil: Damnation!


Trailers for Everyone including Last Night, Little Fockers and a little more!

Resident Evil: Damnation

Remember last week, on Monday, when I told all of you to check out G4 to see a trailer for a brand new CG Resident Evil trailer? Well, I watched it, and it was cool. Now, you get to see it, cause it’s finally come online.

Little Fockers

Oh, Fock this. See? These Little Fockers jokes are stupid and easy. Granted, it’s one of the more clever jokes I’ve ever made, but I’m one eighth Canadian. Anyways, there’s a trailer.

Last Night

A trailer is finally out for Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington’s new film, Last Night. Unfortunately, the video is currently not capable of being embedded, so you need to click here to see it. One thing I will say, Keira looks the best she has in years. I don’t know why she’s taken so many roles as of late that downplay her looks, but finally she looks like the stunner she’s always been. Now, if only I can get her to fall in passionate love with me.


  1. Awesome! Another CGI Resident Evil Movie!! I saw the ‘Degeneration’ one and thought it was epic. Currently ‘Screen Gems’ the people who brought you the Resident Evil Live Action Movies, have sealed the deal with CAPCOM and obtained the rights to make a ‘Devil May Cry’ Movie, and I CAN’T wait for that one to come out. DMC, is one of the best series CAPCOM has released next to RE.

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