Movie news for Green Lantern, Thor, The Hobbit, Priest, and more!


New pics of Green Lantern and Thor, a new Priest trailer, a little Hobbit news that could be cool, and I let you in on a little secret from the future.

Green Lantern

First up, there are a few new photos of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern. Since when does Green Lantern have webbed feet? Sure, Aquaman might, but Green Lantern? How about boots? How about anything else? Man, not one thing can come out for this film without making me worry that it is going to be terrible. Maybe he’s wearing those funny running shoes with the toes on them. Is that supposed to represent futuristic alien technology? This is stupid.


Just one new shot of Thor today, but it’s a pretty cool one. Yeah, you can’t tell ALL that much, but Thor looks reasonably mighty, and Loki looks like he’s whispering lies in his ear. Which is exactly right. Note the lack of webbed feet.


Yahoo has a new trailer for Priest up today, and while I can’t say I’m terribly excited for the film, the promotion has been infinitely better than Green Lantern. As director Scott Stewart’s last film, Legion, was an epic fail if there ever was one, I have little faith in Priest. Yet every time there’s a new trailer or poster, I can’t help but check it out and get a little excited. I especially like a vampire movie that doesn’t have glitter and whatever else Twilight put in place of a decent plot or characters. This latest Priest trailer definitely is cool, as the first half is really just a shortened scene from the movie, and a cool one at that.


The Hobbit

In my endless quest (not for Mordor, but I’d totally have gotten the ring there no sweat) to bring you all the latest news on the two Hobbit films that have just recently begun production, I stumbled upon this bit of news from director Peter Jackson. We already know that The Hobbit will be shot in 3D, but Jackson is upping the ante by shooting the films at 48 fps. Pretty much every other film is shot at 24 fps. What this means to you is that the film will be far clearer than normal, especially when the camera is moving or some of the main characters or visual effects on screen are in transition. The image is smoother, and far more realistic, at least according to Peter Jackson. I’ve heard some directors gripe about the 3D revolution since Avatar, as 3D images are not as bright or clear as traditional film. I can’t say who is right, although I suspect that shooting The Hobbit at 48 fps is an attempt by Jackson to help his film retain the visual clarity from the previous trilogy while also satisfying the studio’s desire to have the films release in 3D. One other nice aspect of shooting at 48 fps in 3D is that there is supposedly less eye strain, enabling longer viewing sessions. That will definitely come in handy, especially with a Lord of the Rings film, as Jackson could never get them much under 3 hours long. Bam. Hobbit news.

Cowboys and Aliens

Okay, here’s the secret from the future. This is totally top secret, so I decided not to tell everyone, but just put it on the internet, which is the best place for secrets. Anyways, it has been revealed today that a full trailer for Cowboys and Aliens will debut during American Idol on Thursday, April 14. Supposedly, the trailer will come online after it is on TV, but I can’t remember the last time that it didn’t leak online first. Oh, well. I’m looking forward to it anyway.

And hey. Come on back now, ya hear?

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