Movie News for Green Hornet, Superman, True Grit, and more!


New trailers, posters, and free candy! (note: there is no candy, free or otherwise)

Green Hornet

I could not be less excited about Green Hornet. This new trailer does nothing for me.

True Grit

True Grit, on the other hand, looks awesome. I never realized just how cool an eyepatch can be, and it’s an EYE PATCH! It’s supposed to be cool. SEE THIS FILM. EVEN IF YOU ONLY DO IT WITH ONE EYE OPEN.


It appears that casting has begun for Superman. Not only that, but the film is said to start shooting next June. Casting for supes is said to be looking for an actor ages 18-32. That’s a big range. They could be doing young Superman, or the right age Superman, or 32 year old Superman (old Superman). This doesn’t help me guess the plot at all. Damn you, Hollywood!


In the coolest news ever, it appears that Daniel Day Lewis will star as Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln! Granted, Liam Neeson looks just like Lincoln, but Lewis is the best actor in the world (okay, second to Hugh Jackman).

Judge Dredd

Well, they weren’t kidding about Karl Urban being Judge Dredd, as here’s a pic. Not bad.

Stay tuned, cause later today I have a special, sexy treat for all of you. (hint: I often lie)


  1. True Grit looks so awesome, plus I have an eye patch I was saving for a Village People fan club meeting.

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