Movie News for Faster, Batman, Mars Needs Mom, and my new cause!


Naked pictures. That should get you to click the link.

Did I say naked? I meant half-naked, but also of the Rock, not a chick. On the plus side, he looks badass. Like the kicker on a football team. ZING.

Faster Pics

This can only live up to the title if I don’t say much and just get to the pics Faster.

The Dark Knight Rises

Christian Bale has been saying that The Dark Knight Rises will likely be his last Batman film. Yeah, until they decide not to do another Terminator. Which they may do. I’m pretty sure this’ll be Christopher Nolan’s last Batman flick, and I wouldn’t want to work on the character with another director after Nolan. It’d be like Harrison Ford doing an Indiana Jones without Spielberg. Or him doing a Star Wars without Lucas. Both of which sound like good ideas considering the downturn both series have taken.

At least Heath Ledger hasn’t said he won’t do another one. He never SAID it. I doubt he’d be able to. Cause he dead. He dead. Dead.

One thing worth noting is that Bale said that it’s more up to Nolan than him at this point, meaning he’d likely return if Nolan was willing to do another film. But what about Ledger? I should get a shirt made that says, “Why so Dead?”

Mars Needs Moms

A trailer is up for Mars Needs Moms, the new animated film starring the voice of Seth Green as nine-year-old Milo, whose mom is stolen by aliens who need her momness for their own young. Preview here, trailer below. BAM.


One last thing to mention, and that is that I’m starting up a new internet petition against Caribou Coffee, where I was sitting about half and hour ago, trying to write this preview. But guess what? Their stupid internet firewall technology thing BLOCKS Starseeker, both the editing page and the site itself. IT ISN’T PORN (yet, come on, Canada!) and I don’t say half the awful stuff I think. I don’t even post crap about Justin Bieber (Beiber? My spellcheck doesn’t like either, and neither do I). He’s way more awful than the crap I say. I WROTE about pictures of naked ladies, and then didn’t post any.

I saying this to you, Mr. CEO of Caribou Coffee (who I know reads this site and is a monstrous fan of the site, and more specifically me), please fix your internet. This is crap. CRAP. I am OFFICIALLY changing my mortal enemy status on Facebook from Canada to Caribou Coffee, and I will not back down until you fix your internet, and give me a bribe (free drinks AND money, gold is fine).

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