Movie News for Casino Jack, Zookeeper, Set Up, and Henry5


A few more things have come up. Zookeeper, Casino Jack, New films entering development.

Casino Jack

A few pics/posters have been released for Casino Jack, the Kevin Spacey film about Jack Abramoff. We’ve had some other news, specifically about the unfortunate death of the film’s director George Hicknelhooper. As sad as that news is, it appears his last film may be a pretty good one. Check out the cool poster and some photos below.


An early teaser is up for next summer’s Zookeeper, starring Paul Blart as a man who talks to animals, who give him dating advice. The most fascinating thing about all this? The studio paid $3 million for the script. Holy shit.

Harry Potter Clip

Another clip from the second to last Harry Potter film just went online today. It’s weird, I’ve just had the same experience while writing this in a cafe. I must be a witch! Burn me! (jokes on you, burning me only makes me more powerful)

By ‘same experience’ I mean that I made a big mess and caused thousands of dollars of property damage by whipping out my ‘wand’ and improperly handling it.


With the Tempest coming out this December, and Gnomeo and Juliet coming out next year, it appears Arclight Films will be making an interesting adaption of Henry V and Henry VI, set in a sci-fi apocalyptic time. Odd mashup, as Henry IV part 2 and Henry V would be the natural connection, as both are really about Henry V, but that has been done a few times (Falstaff, Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V). The film is said to have a cast including Michael Caine, Vinnie Jones, Ray Winstone, and Gerard Depardieu. Not sure how I feel about this. An early title is Henry5. Now I’m sure it’ll be stupid.

Set Up

Bruce Willis is currently in talks to star alongside 50 Cent in Set Up, a film about a diamond heist gone wrong. Paul Walker is also in talks to appear. Sounds like crap. 50 Cent. Ugh. Also, will there be a sequel titled Set Up2: The Steets? If so, then I’m on board. I can’t wait for Set Up 3D and Set Up 4ever.


  1. Excuse me, but how the hell does that unfunny prick Kevin James keep getting movie roles? How on earth could Paul Blart get a spinoff, from one of the unfunniest films I have ever had to watch?

    Paul Blart? Really? Who demanded this sequel?

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