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Fun Fact: Canadians are twice as likely to have heart disease when compared with Americans. Health officials cannot figure out why, but religious officials agree: it’s because they’re the damned.

Resident Evil: Damnation

There is almost no info available on the next animate Resident Evil film, other than it will release in 2012 in 3D. I have heard it will be directed by Makoto Kamiya, the same director of Resident Evil: Degeneration, which wasn’t half bad. But Big Dog (as I’m known in Canada), why are you posting something about the film if there’s no news? Well, dear reader, there will be some info released on G4’s Attack of the Show tonight! I’m guessing it’ll be a trailer or scene, but probably something juicy. If it’s particularly awesome, and I can find a link or embed code, I’ll post more tomorrow.

Casino Jack

George Hicknelooper, director of the upcoming Casino Jack, starring Kevin Spacey, has been found dead. It appears he died of a heart attack on Saturday. This makes me feel bad. No joke about his one. The film looks good. Why did he have to die? McG is still roaming the dark alleys of Hollywood, but an actual director had to die. Son of a…

Green Hornet Poster

I’m not going to pretend there’s anything nice to say about this turd. Green Hornet will be (dare I say) WORSE than CANADA.

Red State Poster

Kevin Smith is apparently making a horror film. I would say it’s his second horror film, after Dogma, which had people screaming, “OH, the HORROR!” as they left the cinema. Did you like my use of the word cinema? Fancy.

TinTin Pics

A couple of pics of the Spielberg directed, Peter Jackson produced Tintin film have been released to Empre magazine, but they’re online. Check it out! Uncanny valley? Only if you want to bone a young French boy. Canadians?

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