Mother! is the most polarizing Hollywood Psychological Horror Till Now


Mother is a psychological horror film that hit theaters a couple of weeks back. Mother! Starred Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer. Pfeffier returns to the big screen after a while, so that should have been reason enough for this film to grab the headlines – along with the fact that some of the most well-known Hollywood stars right now act in a Hollywood psychological horror.

However, the Mother! reviews have actually caught the attention of horror fans. The film has one of the most polarizing reviews in recent Hollywood history. While many are saying that watching Mother! is a painstaking process, others are applauding the fan for being the slow-burn but exquisitely tasting dish that it is. Some have also criticized the plot for its controversial points. Many are now saying that this is one of the weirdest films ever made. Many horror fans are posting that they have just given up on understanding the film and would rather concentrate on enjoying the superior performances, camerawork and direction.

While that may be the case, Mother! will interest psychological horror and horror fans because of the dark, edgy tone that the film carries all through. Jennifer Lawrence has evolved from being a pop-fantasy actress to someone who can play a layered character, like the one of Mother from this film. Javier Bardem doesn’t possess an iota of his most well-known outing, that of the Bond villain.

This is one of the first times that a child’s death is shown in a mainstream film. We should remember that back when Cujo released, Stephen King’s film was not allowed to show the death of a young child – even if it was because of natural causes. The death scene in Mother could be one of the most brutal and grotesque in all of cinema history.

Other critics have also spoken about the open-ended climax, which they think is a cliché that the film-maker used to get out of a sticky situation. Other have spoken about some of the unexplained elements and are criticizing not just the ended climax but the several loose ends that the film has left.

Whether a good film or not, one cannot deny that Mother! is one of those rare psychological thriller films that have captured the attention of the audience much longer than its theater run. Several horror websites have already begun stripping down the screenplay and discussing the film on various forums.