Mortdecai Posters & a Trailer for The Imitation Game!

mortdecai oct 2

Mortdecai aims for wacky fun, and The Imitation Game shows off a legend in familiar form!


Mortdecai has 4 new character posters, all featuring the crazy, zany mustache that Johnny Depp sports in the film, only with all the top actors from the film with mustaches! HOLY HILARITY! So funny. Also, is it odd that Olivia Munn looks more attractive WITH a mustache than without? Seriously, this is the best she’s looked in a while. She kinda looks like Odette Annabelle, who is a younger, hotter version of Munn. So that’s good.

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game has a new trailer that is quite fantastic, though it really makes the film look like A Beautiful Mind. Visually at least, there are many similarities. What’s cool is Alan Turing really did help the government, whereas John Nash was just nuts. Turing was gay though, so they both have a super smart mathematician doing amazing things while struggling with extreme forces in their lives. This looks intense and amazing.