More ‘Thor Movie’ images are out


A quick update for the fans of men in tight pants, who swing large hammers. I uploaded new pictures for the new Thor movie today!


Here’s the new movie images for Thor, production images and whatever else is available.

[nggallery id=57]

If you want a preview on the upcoming Thor Movie, we have that as well.

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  1. I think the Thor trailer is very encouraging for the movie. Hemsworth and Hopkins look the part and what we can see of Asgard itself looks magnificent!

    It certainly seems to be the time for all things “Thor” now in the lead up to the 2011 movie. The proliferation of comics, games, figurines and various other artefacts.

    I can recall a time not so long ago when it was the opposite. Michael Oeming had finished his magnificent “Rune Thor” comic book series and there was a long hiatus before JMS took over for a while as comic book writer for Thor.

    • @David Scholes,

      David, I removed the link to your store because our spam filter won’t allow it. That being said, if you want to work something out in exchange for a link to your work, email me.

      I have no problem getting the word out there and helping sell your work, but not in the form of comments. You are a creative person, get hold of me when you think of a good idea to promote your work.


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