More Movie News for November 2, 2010!


And here’s the rest of what’s happened today.

New Gulliver’s Travels Trailer

We only had a teaser before, now, for Gulliver’s Travels, I give you… a full theatrical trailer!

Wolverine in X-Men: First Class?

So, according to, Hugh Jackman may have a small part in First Class. Their source? A cab driver.

Well, I’m sold.

Apparently, the cab driver reported that he gave Jackman a ride from the set to the airport. How could he be doing anything other than playing a cameo? Nope. It’s no longer a rumor. I have decided that this must be factually true. Do you agree, Armstrong Dicksmasher? Good. We’re in agreement.

I wonder if Canadians mind if you speak for them?

Dark Knight Rises

Two things. First, Paul Dini, a writer who has worked on Batman comics and the animated series in the past, has tweeted that if they cast Catwoman, he can already hear the snickers from the audience as to the the title.

Dark Knight Rises? I get it. Cause she’d make his wiener rise. Cause of the erection.

Second, also according to (I wonder what site I found today?), Charlize Theron is possibly up for a role in the next Batman film. She may play a police detective who serves as a love interest for Commissioner Gordon. Her character would be named Sarah Essen.

I like to think that just as she and Gordon are about to ‘do it,’ Batman would show up and he’d give her the ole batawang.

Batawang!! I AM A GOD!

I bet his batawang is what rises! BATAWANG!



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