Moby Dick (2011)


Call me Ishmael. No, call me daddy. Whatever you call me, it looks like Timur Bekmambetov, director of Wanted, Daywatch, and Nightwatch, is looking to adapt Herman Melville’s classis tail of chasing a white whale into yet another Moby Dick film.

Moby Dick has been adapted a few times for the screen, the best being the Gregory Peck version (don’t argue) and it seems Bekmambetov is thinking something new can be done with the material. No adaptation has captured the quality of the book as of yet, and it looks like this may not either. I’ve heard rumblings of a CGI whale. Of course. Because the book was REALLY about the whale, and how cool whaling ships are.

Moby Dick Script

The film is being written by Bill Collage and Adam Cooper, whose other work include adapting classic novels such as Accepted and the remake of Overboard as a vehicle for Jennifer Lopez. Did a studio exec just notice, “English Major? You guys would be perfect for Moby Dick. Cause I’m a huge ass.” COME ON!!! I love this book, and while it’s a bitch to get through, it is one of the greatest works of literature of ALL TIME. The guys who wrote Accepted don’t deserve this chance. Maybe they’ll make it a sequel to Accepted, with Justin Long and Jonah Hill getting gay on a boat.

Who’s It For?

This early in the development, your guess is as good as mine, but I don’t think Bekmambetov’s made a movie that wasn’t R, so think consistency.

Movie Release Date

With Wanted 2 put on hold, it could come out in 2011, but 2012 would be the earliest I’d bet on.

Who’s In It?

Shamu. They’ll dye his skin. They can do that, right?

Related Movies

Other Moby Dick adaptations. Especially the Gregory Peck version.

What’s Good About It?

Moby Dick is a classic. You needn’t worry about the source material on this one…

What’s Bad About It?

You should worry about the fact that they want to make it an action film, and make some crazy CGI whale. It hurts to consider.

Our Clever Prediction

There are varying reports at present as to Bekmambetov’s next project. Supposedly, Moby Dick is a dream project for him. He certainly has an interesting visual style, and he might be able to show something unique for the film. I’m thinking he might do the 3D film Red Asphalt, which as of yet there is almost no news. Stay tuned…

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