Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protcol (2011)


Your mission, should you choose to except it, is to find a reason for another Mission Impossible movie. Oh, you chose not to accept it. Crap. This never happens. We just wastes millions of taxpayer’s dollars developing a destructible message, since paper which you can burn would never work, and now you’re not accepting? Anyways, Mission: Impossible IV is yet another stab at the continuing story of Ethan Hunt.

The story has been worked out by Tom Cruise and producer J.J. Abrams, who directed the last installment in the series. Taking over directing duties for Abrams this time around is Brad Bird, whose previous work includes The Iron Giant and The Incredibles. He has yet to direct a live action feature, which may give pause to some, but the Incredibles was so good I’m sure he’ll be fine with the fourquel (someone actually called it that).

Mission: Impossible IV Script

The screenplay was just turned in the other day by screenwriter Josh Appelbaum, who previously worked with Abrams on Alias. The studios and director have yet to finalize the script, but news should be forthcoming on their decisions.

Mission: Impossible Trailer


Who’s It For?


Movie Release Date


Who’s In It?

Tom Cruise… Ethan Hunt
Jami Gertz … Kacey Samson

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What’s Good About It?

I loved the original Mission: Impossible, but the other two failed to capture the same style and tone. If they went back to that European feel and made it a little less over the top action (I know the first one had a lot of over the top stuff) and made the film a bit more cerebral, I think it could rock.

What’s Bad About It?

The third was better than the second, but Mission: Impossible remains a somewhat tired franchise. We don’t really need another sequel.

Our Clever Prediction

Right now, studio execs are watching Knight and Day’s performance very closely. The budget for another Mission: Impossible film would be high, and if Cruise doesn’t pull out a big box office, there may not end up being a fourth trip to the land of impossible missions.

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