Mirror Mirror (2012)


Mirror, Mirror is the other new Snow White movie, another darker twist on the classic tale, although this time less Twilight and a bit more trippy Disney.

To be clear, I’m only kinda familiar with the Snow White story, but I know there’s an evil queen who wants to be the hottest piece o’ tail ever, and she doesn’t like Snow White, who is the up and coming hot piece o’ tail. There’s a prince, an apple filled with roofies (how do you spell that?), and a bunch of little people who have an interesting living arrangement with Snow.

The Mirror, Mirror version is supposedly darker, with an evil stepmother as the queen who kills Snow’s mother and takes over her kingdom. Snow White teams up with the Seven Dwarves to take back her kingdom.

A real ‘modern’ take would have Prince Charming kiss her lips last.

I’m talkin’ bout date rape. It’s in all the best stories from your childhood.

Mirror, Mirror

Tarsem Singh, who just directed Immortals, which did pretty well and looked cool, is directing Mirror, Mirror, and his unique visual style should really make this new Snow White cool. Based on the pics released so far, the film will be somewhat similar to the classic Disney visual style, but in real life, so lots of bright colors and funny costumes that 12 year old girls would LOVE to wear.

I’d like to wear them too, but I’m only telling you guys that. Don’t let anyone else know. If you can’t trust your friends from the internet, who can you trust?

Mirror, Mirror Trailer

Mirror, Mirror Release Date

March 16, 2012.


Who’s In It?

I can’t say any of these actors are particularly ‘notable.’ Seriously, who’s even HEARD of Julia Roberts?
 Julia Roberts … Evil Queen,   Lily Collins … Snow White,   Armie Hammer … Prince Andrew Alcott,  Sean Bean … The King,  Nathan Lane … Brighton

What’s Good About It?

I love Tarsem Singh, Lily Collins is coming into her own as a mega-babe, and the story is a classic.

What’s Bad About It?

They didn’t cast Tyrion as one of the seven Dwarves. SHAME ON YOU.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m curious about Mirror, Mirror. It could be good, and the public is apparently foaming at the mouth for a Snow White film, as this is the first of two coming out next year. Mirror, Mirror might do a bit better as it’s the first to be released, but at the same time it doesn’t have Kristen Stewart, so Twilighters might not show up.

Also, this is weird, Mirror, Mirror’s Snow White, Lily Collins, is dating Taylor Lautner, who is Jacob in Twilight. So those Twilight girls have a LOT of reasons to hate this film.

Another thing that’s weird is that Lily Collins is Phil Collins’ daughter, so now I must LOVE HER.