Meek’s Cutoff (2011)


Meek’s Cutoff is set in the year 1845, with a wagon train of three families following a mountain man named Stephan Meeks as he guides them through a shortcut he knows, or does he?

It turns out he doesn’t really know a shortcut and the wagon train gets lost. Instead of following their own trail back like people who are smart enough to realize that a fricken wagon train must leave a sizable set of tracks, they instead keep going until they’re at the point of starvation and dieing of thirst.

A Native American shows up, and the group must choose between the man who they originally trusted and a Native American, who has always seemed to be an enemy. It IS 1845. They weren’t stealing money through Casinos yet.

The Scoop

Director Kelly Reichardt (should a female director be called a directoress?) has a few films to her name, but nothing much of note. One thing actually worth noting is the film stars Bruce Greenwood as Stephen Meeks. He was Pike! Plus, he’s such a badass. I’d follow him over a Native American any day. Nothing against Native Americans, but it’s Bruce Greenwood. You’d be lucky to die because of his mistake. Most of us die because of our own mistakes, or the mistakes of Canadians, who are known to have shoddy craftsmanship when it comes to building safety equipment, which causes so many deaths a year.


Who’s It For?

No rating, but I would bring everyone you know, and tell people you don’t know to come see it. It should be awesometastic. That’s awesome and fantastic rolled into one magnificent word. Baby.

Movie Release Date

April 8, 2011. Limited.

Who’s In It?

 Paul Dano … Thomas Gately
  Bruce Greenwood … Stephen Meek
  Shirley Henderson … Glory White
  Neal Huff … William White
  Zoe Kazan … Millie Gately
  Tommy Nelson … Jimmy White
  Will Patton … Soloman Tetherow
  Rod Rondeaux … The Cayuse
  Michelle Williams … Emily Tetherow

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What’s Good About It?

Bruce Greenwood.

What’s Bad About It?

Doesn’t matter, all bad is outweighed by the inclusion of Bruce Greenwood.

Our Clever Prediction

Unfortunately, the general public doesn’t share my love of Mr. Greenwood, so I have to figure the film won’t make much money, but it does have Michelle Williams, and if Blue Valentine is a hit, maybe this’ll get a bit of a push and it’ll make some much deserved moolah.