Mars Needs Moms! (2011)


Mars Needs Moms! Tells the story of a young boy who learns the value of mothers after aliens come to earth to kidnap his mother.

Young Milo thinks that the only things mothers do is force their children to do homework and eat their broccoli, so when aliens come to take away his mom, he has to figure out why they would travel so far for someone to drive them to soccer practice and pizza parties. Perhaps he finds out there is something special about moms that he’s overlooked?


The Scoop

Mars Needs Moms! Has Simon Wells directing, and he has had an interesting career so far. He has some theatrical directing experience, both with live action films like The Time Machine, and animated films like Prince of Egypt, yet for the last few years he’s mostly worked as a story artist on various films such as Shrek 2 and 3, as well as Shark Tale and Madagascar. So he knows his animation, but also has directed some decent films. Hopefully Mars Needs Moms will be the film that solidifies him as a director.

Who’s It For?

No official rating as of yet, but I expect it to be PG.

Movie Release Date

March 11, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Seth Green … Milo
Joan Cusack … Milo’s Mom
Elisabeth Harnois … Ki
Dan Fogler … Gribble
Mindy Sterling … The Supervisor
Ryan Ochoa … Hatchling

Interesting Fact

Based on the book by Berkeley Breathed. Which is an awesome name.

Related Movies

Prince of Egypt, Madagascar, Shark Tale, Shrek 2, The Time Machine

What’s Good About It?

Normally, I’d say the concept looks a little bland, which it does, but they’re using Seth Green for the lead role of Milo, which is an odd choice in my mind. I think he’ll do a great job, as his whole life is in animation right now, but he isn’t exactly the type of star power animated films get these days. It could be that the filmmakers just think he’s perfect for the role…

What’s Bad About It?

Or the film is so bad that they couldn’t get a better actor. I’m worried about Green being in the lead. If he was a supporting character it wouldn’t be a big deal, but the budget must not be very high if he’s in the lead.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m thinking this one won’t make many box office waves. I really want it to be successful, especially because I like what Seth Green has done on Robot Chicken, but I can’t remember the last film he was the lead in that was successful. The reason I can’t remember one is because there never was such a mystical film. I’m crossing my fingers, but tentatively.

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  1. I had the good fortune of seeing this at the LA Premiere and it far surpassed my expectations. This film has been poorly marketed and I think people will be very surprised and hopefully word-of-mouth will make up for the bad marketing. The film looks amazing artistically and technically. Hats off to ImageMovers for their phenomenal work. My three kids all LOVED the film and want to see it again which is a rare thing. Moms will especially appreciate and enjoy the message. Definitely a MUST SEE!

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