Margin Call (2011)


Margin Call is about the financial crisis that still grips the US, and eight people at an investment bank who tried to best position themselves at the early stages of the crisis.

Essentially there are various levels of what went down, from the basic dudes who figured out there was a problem to the big wigs who sold out the world, or something like that. The trailer actually doesn’t look half bad, and it has The Mentalist!

Margin Call

JC Chandor wrote and directed Margin Call. He has very little experience, so I’m betting he got this cast based on the topic, and his (I’m guessing) passion for the project. I’d guess that he is going to vilify the bankers (which may be accurate, though in my personal opinion a crisis like this doesn’t come down to one group of people) and give the actors involved a soapbox to spout off their political opinions.

Margin Call Trailer

Margin Call Release Date

Limited release on October 21, 2011.


Who’s In It?

 Kevin Spacey … Sam Rogers
  Paul Bettany … Will Emerson
  Jeremy Irons … John Tuld
  Zachary Quinto … Peter Sullivan
  Penn Badgley … Seth Bregman
  Simon Baker … Jared Cohen
  Mary McDonnell … Mary Rogers
  Demi Moore … Sarah Robertson
  Stanley Tucci … Eric Dale
  Aasif Mandvi … Ramesh Shah
  Ashley Williams … Heather Burke
  Susan Blackwell … Lauren Bratberg
  Maria Dizzia … Executive Assistant
  Al Sapienza … Louis Carmelo

What’s Good About It?

The cast is decent, with a lot of names you’d know, although I’d also say that they’re also mostly guys who need work. Sylar from Heroes? Wow. The Mentalist? Demi Moore? Stanley Tucci, Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Irons are all usually solid though, so it might be cool.

What’s Bad About It?

Unknown director, limited release, overly preachy topic, and an uneven cast might make this an epic turd.

Our Clever Prediction

I doubt this will make any real money. First, not enough time has passed for there to be an accurate depiction, or even understanding, of what happened, and people struggling probably won’t be terribly interested in seeing why they’re struggling. People want hope. Superhero movies, Pirates, whatever. Escapism!