Mardi Gras: Spring Break (2011)


Mardi Gras: Spring Break is a comedy about college kids going out and getting laid. So… yeah.

I’m sure it’ll be as thought provoking as Shakespeare. If Shakespeare wrote about boobs and Carmen Electra.

It’s basically on the same level as those “Not another…” movies. But worse.

Mardi Gras: Spring Break

Phil Dornfeld is directing this… film. I wanted to call it a monster case of diarrhea, but I went with ‘film.’ Dornfeld was the second unit director on Scary Movie 4, so he’s all kinds of talented.

Mardi Gras: Spring Break Trailer

Mardi Gras: Spring Break Release Date

September 23, 2011. And DVD a month later.


Who’s In It?

 Danneel Harris¹ … Erica
  Nicholas D’Agosto … Mike
  Arielle Kebbel … Lucy
  Carmen Electra … Herself
  Dominique DuVernay … Maxim Girl
  Regina Hall … Ann Marie
  Josh Gad … Bump
  Stephanie Honore … Bourbon Street Girl #1
  Marcelle Baer … Oyster Girl #1
  Jessica Heap … Oyster Chick
  Gary Grubbs … Mr Duluth
  Madison Dylan … Girl #1
  Becky O’Donohue … Cousin Janice
  Courtney J. Clark … Penn State Student #2
  Leslie-Anne Huff … Girl #2
  Brandy Moon … College Student

What’s Good About It?

I’m sure there’ll be boobs. Movies like this were made for the director to finally get to see a boob.

What’s Bad About It?

Pretty much everything.

Our Clever Prediction

Huge hit. Without question. This will make the kind of money that James Cameron only dreams of, and that’s just during the few weeks between it’s theatrical release and DVD release.

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