Louis (2010)


Louis is a silent film telling the tale of Louis Armstrong getting his first cornet as a child.

A highly stylized film, Louis follows the young boy in his quest to become a musician. The story doesn’t appear to be historically accurate, but the trailer does make it look both beautiful and interesting.


The Scoop

Written and directed by Dan Pritzker, Louis is an homage to early silent films, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Chaplin, and early American music. 6 year old Louis Armstrong travels through New Orleans in 1907, visiting bordellos, alleys, and cemetaries in his musical quest.

Who’s It For?

R. It’s a silent film, so expect violence or sex. Booyah.

Movie Release Date

August 25, 2010 Limited

Who’s In It?

Anthony Coleman … Young Louis Armstrong
Vilmos Zsigmond … Hungarian Photographer
Jackie Earle Haley … Judge Perry
Shanti Lowry … Grace
Anthony Mackie … Buddy Bolden
Michael Rooker … Pat McMurphy
Steven Martini … Alex Karnofsky

Interesting Fact

The cinematographer is Vilmos Zsigmond, who won an Academy Award for Close Encounters of the Third time, and has been nominated three other times.

Related Movies

Anything Charlie Chapman, it also reminds me of Be Kind Rewind. Looks cool.

What’s Good About It?

This is the type of artsy film I can get behind. I wish Hollywood would make more of these kind of films. The whole silent film approach to the acting, while having Jazz music playing throughout? Sign me up. And Jackie Earle Haley’s in it! What the heck is Rorschach doing in this?

What’s Bad About It?

It’ll end up being a little too weird for most people. Most people don’t want to see silent films. Probably won’t make Avatar level money.

Our Clever Prediction

Low box office, but I see critics loving this. The trailer looks beautiful. I could see a few Oscar nominations in Louis’ future. The Academy would love to honor the films this pays tribute to. It might help it make some money.
At the very least, if you like Jazz, you’ll love the soundtrack.

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