Lottery Ticket (2010)


Lottery Ticket is about a young man in the projects named Kevin Carson who wins the lottery (duh) and then has to wait over the weekend to cash the ticket. All the people in the neighborhood find out about it, and try to cash in.

The film is directed by Erik White, not Tyler Perry, so no one’s going to go see it. The trailer really puts a good spin on the African American community. The women act like whores, the reverend is horny, and there’s a really violent thug. Bow Wow has no father, although it appears Ice Cube plays a bit of a role model figure for him. No doubt the film will act like the election of Barack Obama, and really put an end to stereotypes.

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Who’s It For?


Movie Release Date

August 20

Who’s In It?

Terry Crews … Jimmy the Driver
Keith David … Sweet Tee
Ice Cube
Brandon T. Jackson … Benny
Jason Weaver … Ray Ray
Mike Epps … Minister
Bow Wow … Kevin Carson

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What’s Good About It?

Bow Wow has some charisma about him, and the film does look to be ultimately uplifting. But you know what I’d do with $370 Million? A midget.

What’s Bad About It?

Kind of by the numbers, and while it’s nice to see a film outside of Tyler Perry employing every black person in Hollywood, it still looks bland.

Our Clever Prediction

What’s that? The film has Terry Crew? P-p-p-p-POWER! ELBOW! FIST! SIDE KICK! I’M SEEING IT NOW!!!

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