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Stuff for Battle: Los Angeles, Green Hornet, Smurfs, and Limitless.

Battle: Los Angeles

There’s poster out for Battle: Los Angeles, and I have to say it doesn’t look half bad, although I worry about the overuse of the donut smoke explosion thing. I felt it was almost overused in the trailer, and while it is admittedly a cool visual, if it’s abused, I might not be so happy about it. Not happy. It’s like Canada always overusing their status as part of North America. NO ONE CARES, CANADA! IT ONLY MATTERS IF YOU’RE ACTUALLY THE UNITED STATES. Land of the free. And cheap donuts. Land of the free and cheap donuts.

Green Hornet

There’s poster for the Green Hornet. That’s wonderful. I’m going to do a quick deconstruction for you. The film will suck. Poster doesn’t matter.


A full international trailer for Paul is here! And it looks funny! Hip Hip hooray! Yeah! I don’t know. What do you want me to say? It’s good like fried chicken and gravy? Who puts gravy on fried chicken? You know what I want to fry? Skittles. And eat em with milk. Delicious.


What blue and little? My balls. Thank your mom for that. Such a tease. You know what else is little and small? Smurfs? Now the tough question. Which one one is wearing a little hat? Answer below the poster for The Smurfs.



Limitless, the movie about how drugs are good and make you cool, but then Robert DeNiro kicks your ass, has a trailer and a poster. It looks cool. It turns out that taking drugs makes you look like less of a stoner. And convinces you to cut your hair and do situps. I can’t believe school lied to me all those years ago. Where can I find some drugs? Quick, someone find me a Rastafarian. Is that racist? Don’t blame me. Blame Half Baked. It’s where my judgement of Rastafarians came from.

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  1. Two things we can agree on… The Green Hornet is going to be really bad, and Americans are fat and uneducated.

    Viva la France!

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