Lord of the Dance (2011)


Lord of the Dance is, surprise surprise, a 3D film of the Michael Flatley danceathon. No word yet if it any straight man will be allowed in the theater, but keep your fingers crossed.

Oh, and the Lord of the Dance is about some Irish dude who dances to get the right to marry his boyfriend. Actually, I can’t figure out if there is a plot or not. I think it’s just dancing, but there could be a story of some sort. Wikipedia doesn’t specify.

It does mention that in the second Act there is a dance called “The Duel,” which sounds kinda awesome. I imagine two dudes dancing until one of them gets served. Then a short little hipster comes out of nowhere and says, “You just got served, bitch.”

Admit it, that sounds way more interesting.

The director of the film is Marcus Viner, who has directed/produced a fair number of concert performances, although I assume that Flatley will be the primary creative director, as he choreographed the… play? Dance production? Whatever.

It seems that Flatley will star in Lord of the Dance, even though he’s 52. I hope I’m in as good a shape at 52 as he is. I can barely sit down at the crapper without groaning, and I’m 25.


Nothing yet.

Who’s It For?

Anyone with a heart and a love of… THE DANCE.


Movie Release Date

March, 2011. Limited release.

Who’s In It?

Michael Flatley… Lord of the Dance

Related Movies

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What’s Good About It?

Admittedly, Lord of the Dance is a legendary dance thing. Just because I don’t care doesn’t mean it isn’t special, and this is one of those types of productions that I don’t mind seeing in 3D.

What’s Bad About It?

Men in tights that aren’t Robin Hood. Two thumbs down.

Our Clever Prediction

There is definitely an audience for Lord of the Dance, I just happen to be part of the audience for stupid movies for the masses. Meaning I’m looking forward to Thor way more than Lord of the Dance.

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  1. Disappointing adding black leather and fetish costumes, merely distracts from the dancing skill of the performers. Michael remember your heritage traditional Irish dancing which was the basis of your original show, leaving out the set dance did not help either.
    From an old Irish cogger.
    John Burke

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