Lone Survivor (2014)

lone survivor

Lone Survivor tells the true story of 4 Navy SEALs in 2005 who were tasked with a reconnaissance mission behind enemy lines. When it goes wrong they have to fight through an army to survive. The title probably tells you how that works out.

It was called “Operation Redwing.” Their reconnaissance mission was actually meant to bring in Ahmad Shahd, a Taliban leader. At one point a few kids come across them, and they let the kids go, since they’re American soldiers and don’t just go around murdering kids. One of the kids goes and tells the bad guys they’re there, and that’s how they get screwed. After that the film seems to be more like Black Hawk Down than anything. They fight with everything they have to survive.

Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor comes from Peter Berg, who also wrote the screenplay based on the memoir by Marcus Luttrell (Wahlberg). Berg is overall pretty hit or miss. His last film was Battleship (miss), and he made Hancock before that (semi-miss), but he also directed The Kingdom, which I liked. And he made Friday Night Lights, which wasn’t half bad.


Lone Survivor Trailer

Lone Survivor Release Date

January 10, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Taylor Kitsch
Mark Wahlberg . . . Marcus Luttrell
Ben Foster
Emile Hirsch

What’s Good About It?

I’m not the biggest Mark Wahlberg fan, but his movies are usually halfway decent. Berg is good with action, and his films usually have a decent arc to them.

What’s Bad About It?

Lone Survivor looks like a poor man’s Black Hawk Down. I don’t think it’ll quite pull off what Ridley Scott achieved.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m hopeful for Lone Survivor, but not expecting much. I’d say there’s a 65% chance I’ll wait till it’s on Netflix to give it a shot.