Logan Lucky: A great Heist Movie with Delightful Comic Moments


After a hiatus of four years, Steven Soderbergh is back in the director’s chair with a feature film, a witty crime drama Logan Lucky. An ensemble cast consisting of Daniel Craig, Channing Tatum, Adam Diver, Katie Homes and Hilary Swank among others, Soderbergh takes us on a journey in his classic approach to celebrate the con artist in the movie. Right from the opening credits until the end, the audience is misdirected into various conclusions. It is funny at times when it is pretty obvious that some of the facts in the movie are complete gibberish, but the credibility brought into each of the characters right from the dialogue delivery to contextual explanations, make it all legit.

Crew Member’s Performance and Plot:

Tatum gives one of his best performances ever and his chemistry with his on-screen daughter Sadie forms the core foundation of the film. Tatum in Jimmy Logan’s shoes yet again proved his increasing finesse as an actor. The fancy elegance in the Ocean’s series is transformed into a very relatable group of people wearing jumpsuits with a brilliant script.

Now coming back to the plot, Channing Tatum’s Jimmy Logan, a divorced, recently-fired-from-the-job whack job of a person, along with his brother Adam Driver, a Batman-temperament-ish convict Daniel Craig and others sketch out a plan to rob Jimmy’s old employment company. Each character with their subtle craving to commit crimes on the basis of moral excuses makes for a hilarious backdrop.

Daniel Craig gives a killer performance as the convict Joe Bang, a no control business over his emotions, can cry and kill in an interval of a second. From the tuxedo-clad gentleman to a convict breaking out of jail for a robbery, his transformation is worth the applaud. He kills the role with precision and fine flirting, making Logan Lucky one of his best to date.

Intricate comedy binds the entire movie together with puns in the background like a Bob Seger t-shirt wearing Driver to the West Virginia reference to the famous Take Me Home Country Roads song. Soderbergh is a flawless magician. Drama to wit to crime, the details are handcrafted resulting in fine performances by all the actors. Tatum and Driver in their respective characters and Hilary Swank’s kickass FBI agent Sarah Grayson, the honest and morally justified follower of life were a hit. In other words, the actors were successful in bringing justice to the script with a proud smiling director behind the curtain.

Lunatic characters, emotional turmoil, stupid decisions and unfiltered rage are an integral part of the movie. At the same time, there is affection and friendship blossoming its way till the very end of the movie. Each character has a story to tell of their own selves, each being equally fascinating. Soderbergh has mastered the art of mixing sorted adult characters with their jumping on the bed childish side. The style of comedy where it is acted out through expressions takes a strong feature in the movie. Undoubtedly, Logan Lucky lingers as one of the best comedy crime dramas of the year.