Little Fockers (2010)

Little Fockers
Little Fockers

In this sequel to Meet The Parents, The Focker and the Byrnes families are adjusting to life with Greag and Pamela’s 5 yr old twins. This time around, Owen Wilson’s character is determined to win the heart of Teri Polo, and we have the inside scoop on the plot.

Little Fockers

Greg and Pamela Focker are proud parents of 5 yr old twins, as the film is set into the future a little bit. We are also told the movie has a little more seriousness to it as it deals with death and divorce.

Jessica Alba also is in the film, we assume she is the love interest of Owen Wilson’s character Kevin Rawley.

Producer Jay Roach also confirmed some other tidbits about the Little Fockers movie :

“It’s Owen Wilson coming back with a new passion for Ben [Stiller’s] wife, Teri Polo,” Roach said of the “Little Fockers” story. “And of course it’s hidden and it’s all under the surface, but it causes a lot of new wrinkles in the relationship between all of them.”

Also, Roach revealed the following about the next Focker’s movie :

“Robert De Niro is very suspicious of what’s going on and Ben’s character is going through sort of a midlife crisis, an early midlife crisis about being a father and bringing home the bacon,” Roach said. He went on to explain that the new movie finds many comparisons with the original, “Meet the Parents.”

“It’s very suspenseful,” he said. “It’s like an anxiety dream and Robert De Niro is on Ben Stiller’s ass, so when does it get bad?” Never, if the last two movies are any indication. In fact, Roach thinks that one of the movie’s standout scenes will involve a confrontation between the two.

“I won’t give away much of it, but there’s a fight at the end of the film that is pretty amazing,” he said. “A fight between Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller. But that’s all I’ll say.”

Little Fockers Trailer

Release Date

Little Fockers hits theaters December 2010


Little Fockers stars : Robert De Niro,Harvey Keitel, Jessica Alba, Ben Stiller, Teri Polo, Laura Dern, Owen Wilson and Dustin Hoffman. Barbra Streisand is making a return as well.

Interesting Fact

I have 5 yr old twins, and I can’t wait to see how they exaggerate the whole twin lifestyle.

The Good

Teri Polo was naked in Playboy not too long ago.

The Bad

I loved Meet the Parents, but despised Meet The Fockers. They turned the lovable characters into idiots with no accountability, entirely different than the first film.

Our Clever Prediction

Should be a huge success regardless, of how they tainted this franchise with corny situations and baffling twists and turns. Little Fockers looks a little better in the preview, I like the fact Owen Wilson is going to creep up his role.