Limitless (2011)


Limitless tells the tale of a young man who has fallen on hard times and find an experimental pharmaceutical drug that makes one smarter. After trying it he gains greater success, but also discovers that it may be fatal, and has other disastrous side effects.

Limitless Movie

Directed by Neil Burger, a relatively new director who recently made The Illusionist starring Edward Norton, Limitless is based on a novel by Alan Glynn. The film has attracted some quality actors, with Bradley Cooper in the lead and Elizabeth Banks and Robert DeNiro playing roles as well. Okay, so Cooper isn’t all that quality, and DeNiro keeps making the focking Focker movies so his choices are suspect, but Elizabeth Banks is hot.

Why is it that all of my previews degrade into whether or not the actresses in the film are hot?

Oh, and Abbie Cornish is in the film as well. Hot.

Back to ‘Limitless’ and the plot..

Eddie Spinola is a former cocaine addict and copy writer who discovers the experimental drug. Not only does it enhance his intellect, but it also makes him faster and more charismatic. While using the drug for only a few hours, he is able to write a book, learn a new language, and predict some future events based on finding patterns in information he reads in newspapers and online.

I think Charles Manson took this drug.

Anyways, there is, of course, some vast conspiracy, and Eddie finds out that he may not have discovered the drug by accident. Uh oh.

Limitless Trailer

Limitless Pics

Limitless Movie Release Date

The film has been bumped back to March 18th 2011.

Who’s In It?

Bradley Cooper … Eddie Spinola
Abbie Cornish
Robert De Niro … Carl Van Loon
Anna Friel
Robert John Burke … Pierce
Johnny Whitworth

Interesting Fact

The experimental drug in the film is real. Scientists were able to make it after studying my brain’s chemical makeup. They were able to extract just enough awesome to reproduce it in a lab and not effect my brain’s superior superiorness. Real word. Spell check loved it.

Related Movies

The Illusionist, A Scanner Darkly, Captain America, The (most likely forthcoming) Barry Bonds Biopic

What’s Good About It?

The concept actually seems decent, and I liked the Illusionist, even if it wasn’t as good as The Prestige. I think the conspiracy theme may get a little hokey, but I would totally take that drug.

Other drugs I would take include Viagra and Meth. I like being hard and having no teeth.

What’s Bad About It?

The concept may be a little basic. Oh, there’s too much information available to people these days and we need a drug to keep sane. Like antidepressants. It’s all about Scientology!

Our Clever Prediction

I see it doing well. I don’t think critics will love it, but Cooper has enough pull to make it successful. Yeah, A-Team sucked balls, but this should be okay. I see close to $100 million in box office for Dark Fields, paving the way for the sequel Dark Field of Dreams.

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  1. Sounds right out of the scientology book: They also claim in being able to unlock 100% of our hidden potential in order to milk their followers of every cent.

    Beware of the beginnings …

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