Like Crazy (2011)


Like Crazy is not, unfortunately, a sequel to Drive Me Crazy. It IS a romance about a couple of college kids who can’t be together because of the government.

I should clarify. Basically, the girl overstayed her welcome in America, by which I mean she stayed to long on her visa, and is now banned from the States. But they’re in LOVE! Come on, OBAMA. Why do the politicians have to ruin love? WHY?

So they have a long distance relationship.

Like Crazy

Like Crazy was written and directed by Drake Doremus, who also made a film called Douchebag, which was about Canadians.


Like Crazy Trailer

Movie Release Date

October 28, 2011.


Who’s In It?

 Anton Yelchin … Jacob
  Felicity Jones … Anna
  Jennifer Lawrence … Sam
  Charlie Bewley … Simon
  Alex Kingston … Jackie
  Oliver Muirhead … Bernard
  Finola Hughes … Liz
  Chris Messina … Mike Appletree
  Ben York Jones … Ross
  Jamie Thomas King … Elliot

What’s Good About It?

It looks sweet. The cast has some good young talent, with Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence. Could be good.

What’s Bad About It?

It’s gonna make me hate the government SSSOOOOOO BAD. Then I’ll get some ice cream, and we’ll be cool.

Our Clever Prediction

Free ice cream for EVERYONE!!! Except Canadians, but what the heck, they can get the ice cream on discount. MAKE IT HAPPEN, OBAMA.

This preview brought to you by a strange little Anarchist. Oh. You can’t see me. I have my penis out.

Wait… little?


  1. Has the US converted to the Peso yet? You should, then us Canucks can scoop up even more land for cheap.

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